Kamis, 30 November 2017

Your Imagination is the True Limit!

kunjer.com - The strength of face-to-face marketing and live event, a form of direct marketing platform always produced a good number in impact. But then for marketing itself there are still things to be considered to measure the impact itself like market penetration and return on investment. While maybe for the direct marketing where the brand product includes sales activity on it, the number of transactions could be measured during the event, resulting something that would be pleased the brand company. Long short story from that number the calculation could be done to get the final number, is it plus or minus.

Imagination is the True Limit
The number calculation above is the result from the event that being held in a designated time and place. For the brand itself should work hard to gather the crowd which would be the target market. We do not talk about market penetration, since the market is what the brand makes of it.

Then comes up the digital era to the event industry, live event as previously described being major form of direct marketing platform. The technology already exists for a while, but the used of it as event software technology started decades ago. RFID which stands for radio frequency identification system is a tech to facilitate wireless data transfer. With RFID we could leverage the live event as a great marketing opportunity to create meaningful connections with the guest attendee but also make it more far-reaching. Ready for a big take off through the tech getting over the limitation of live event through penetrate the wider market. 

RFID helps to overcome the limitation, encourage greater social media engagement. Comes up to the guest attendee in a form of wristband, they could just swipe the device to the machine that will automatically uploaded their photo to the social media that the guest used to activated at the beginning. For another interaction, to ‘likes’ a photo or to update status they just need to find ‘likes’ swapper that swap their wristband and pffttttttttt their social media activation could do with just one swap! A truly un-imaginable thing in the past right!

PouchNation bring on the technology to Asia, as the leading event software technology provider in the region!


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Your Imagination is the True Limit!
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